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Six Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

When it comes to home renovation or bedroom makeovers, changing your mattress might not be the first idea that pops into your head. But you should know changing your bedding products after every 7-10 years is important. From dust accumulation or worn-off springs and mattress materials, there are many reasons why you should consider visiting a few mattress stores in Melbourne.

If you’re experiencing discomfort or body pain every time you wake up in the morning, maybe it’s time to replace your old mattress. Remember using a worn-out mattress can have an adverse impact on your health.

This blog contains a list of six essential signs that shows whether you should replace your mattress or not.

Let’s begin with the reason why replace your mattress.

An old, uncomfortable mattress can affect your sleep quality. You may continue to toss and turn in bed throughout the night. Poor quality sleep is linked with many health problems, including neck pain, muscle stiffness, allergies and respiratory disease.

Thinking of buying a mattress online but not sure?

Here is a list of six signs you should replace your old mattress with a new one.

1. Mattress Feels Lumpy

Does your mattress feel sagging or asymmetrical? An old mattress may not be as even as a new one. If your mattress is sagging or has lumps throughout, this could be an indicator to get rid of it. Lumpy mattresses are not able to provide the support your body needs while you sleep. You can see tiny imprints of your body, or one side of the mattress is too soft or hard than the rest.

2. Visible Damage

Noticing signs of visible damage? It’s time to start buying a new mattress online. You can determine whether you need to change your current mattress or not by looking for a few signs, including ripping off the fabric, holes in the mattress, sagging or lumping, visible holes, stains and shifting foam. If such signs of damage are clearly visible, you must replace your mattress and visit a mattress shop.

3. Too Much Noise

Do you hear a squeak every time you get on or off your bed? This could indicate that the spring coils of your mattress are beginning to be worn off. Old coil springs are not able to provide the support with your body needs, meaning more pressure on your body and you’ll probably wake up with a stiff back or neck. Consider buying a mattress online and get rid of your old, wacky mattress.

4. Worsening Of Allergies

Have you noticed your allergies getting worse? With the accumulation of dust and debris, your mattress can trigger your allergies. This could lead to respiratory problems like asthma. It’s better to replace your old mattress with a brand new one.

5. Trouble While Sleeping

Are you experiencing trouble while sleeping at night? Then maybe it’s time to visit a mattress shop. Body stiffness and difficulty in sleeping are two of the indicators you should look out for. You may not realise but your old, worn-off mattress can disrupt your sleep. If the mattress feels too soft in some places and too hard in other places, you should start looking for a new mattress.

6. The Mattress Is Old

The average lifespan of a mattress is 7 to 10 years. You may not remember the date of your purchase, but the visible signs and lack of sleep will help you remind it’s time to change your mattress. If your mattress is over 10 years old, you should change it as soon as possible to get a good night’s sleep.

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