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Double Beds & Bed Frames

Planning to buy a double bed base in Melbourne?

When it's time to upsize your sleeping space, a double bed frame becomes an excellent choice for single adults or couples looking to maximise comfort within limited space. We offer a diverse range of double size bed frames that cater to various preferences and room aesthetics, ensuring you can rest peacefully.

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Double Bed Base with Storage

If you want double bed frames with storage, you have come to the right place. Our Double Bed Bases with Storage offer both comfort and functionality. These bed frames are thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable sleeping space while also offering ample storage options. Keep your bedroom organised and clutter-free with our double bed base with drawers featuring built-in storage drawers.

Double Bed Frame for Sale

Looking for a double bed base sale?

Explore our collection of Double Bed Frames for Sale and discover budget-friendly sleep solutions. We understand the importance of quality and affordability. Our double size bed bases are designed to offer a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface without breaking the bank. Find the perfect bed frame that suits your budget without compromising on quality.

Double Bed Frame Size

We offer a variety of double bed frame sizes to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a compact frame or a spacious design, we have the right double bed frame with headboard for your room. Choose the size that perfectly complements your bedroom space and ensures a restful night's sleep.

Find Out More About Double Bed Frames in Melbourne

Discover more about our double bed frames in Melbourne and how they can enhance your bedroom's aesthetics and functionality. We take pride in providing quality and stylish bed frames that not only offer comfort but also elevate the overall look of your sleeping space. Explore our range of double bed frames, including those with storage options, and find the ideal fit for your space. We are committed to providing you with comfortable, affordable, and stylish sleep solutions. Invest in a quality double bed frame that meets your needs and elevates your sleep experience.

Select The Perfect Bed Frame for Your Needs

Our Double Size Bed Frames are ideal for those who need more space than a single but have limited room. Explore wide range of bed frame sizes at Chiro Care Mattresses to find the best fit for your space and style: 

Single Size Bed Frames: Great for compact areas or individual sleepers, offering comfort in a space-saving design. 

Queen Size Bed Frames: A popular choice for their spacious yet manageable size, perfect for couples or those who enjoy extra sleeping space. 

King Size Bed Frames: The epitome of bedroom luxury, providing the most generous sleeping space for an opulent experience.  

Choose a bed frame from our collection that complements your mattress and elevates your bedroom's ambiance.