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Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress – Ultimate Buying Guide

Planning to invest in a new mattress and exploring options?

The right mattress can make a significant difference to your sleep quality and this makes it essential to make an informed choice. Understanding the basic difference between memory and spring mattresses will help you determine the option that will best work for you. There is much to consider and comparing the two mattresses will ensure that you pick one that keeps you comfortable and healthy.

Understanding Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are the most popular type of mattress and have been used for a long time. This type of mattress consists of springs embedded within a cushioned structure. The cushions in the mattress make up the base on which your body rests. There are various types of spring mattresses and they differ based on the structure of the spring. The size, shape and number of springs in the mattress varies and impacts the level of comfort offered. You can choose from open coil, continuous coil, pocket coil or a zoned spring mattress.

Spring mattresses are priced reasonably and offer firm support to the body. It makes the ideal option for heavier people due to the high level of support. Moreover, the mattress offers excellent airflow for an amazing sleep experience.

The disadvantage of the mattress is that the springs may exert pressure on certain parts of the body. With certain types, there is the probability of sagging over time. There are uneven zones created on the mattress and this may lead to poor circulation. The durability of the mattress varies and this makes it necessary to choose a spring mattress from a trusted brand.

Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is made up of visco-elastic materials and is preferred for its exceptional pressure-relieving ability. Foam mattresses mould to the shape of the body, unlike the spring mattress. This difference in the feel of the two mattresses is a matter of preference. However, the fact that a memory foam mattress absorbs movement makes it perfect for lowering partner disturbance.

Most memory foam mattresses are created from hypoallergenic materials. The fact that such mattresses lack open air space prevents mite infestation.

Choosing the Right Mattress

There are several factors that require consideration when choosing a mattress. Based on your sleep position, health concerns and preferences, you can pick a mattress that best works for you.

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