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Choosing Between Standard and Extra Length Mattresses

Are you planning to visit a mattress shop soon? There are many factors you must consider before making a purchase. From determining the mattress’ firmness to its size and material, you need to have all the relevant details.

Here is a list of questions to consider:

  • What is your preferred sleep position?
  • What are your size and material preferences?
  • Do you have enough space availability in your bedroom?
  • Do you suffer from back or neck pain?

With so many options available, you may find it hard to find a suitable mattress for sale. An extra-large mattress is 2030 × 2030 mm, while a single-sized bed is usually 915 × 1900 mm.

How to choose between a standard and extra-length mattress?

1. How much walking space do you need?

The size of the mattress can be determined while assessing your room’s dimensions. Depending on how spacious your bedroom is, you can buy a standard or extra-length mattress from the mattress shop.

2. What is the size of your bed?

Consider the size of your bed first. If you are not replacing your bed, you can choose the same size mattress. But if you’re giving your bedroom a makeover, then you can be flexible with your options for bedding products. Familiarize yourself with the latest mattress trends and styles.

3. Where will you place the mattress?

Do you need a mattress for your master bedroom, kid’s room or guest room? If it’s for your bedroom, all you need to do is consider the height and weight of the people who will be sleeping there. For your guest bedroom and kid’s room, you may consider adding a standard mattress.

4. What is the price difference?

When choosing between a standard and extra-length mattress for sale, you need to consider the price range. If you are on a tight budget, you may consider choosing a mattress that’s of the right size but does not have all the features. On the other hand, choosing an extra-length mattress will have several long-term benefits. It can accommodate both tall and short people and you’ll have plenty of space to move around in your bed while you sleep.

5. What are the customer reviews?

Check out customers’ reviews and ratings while browsing the mattress sale online. Just because extra-large mattresses are more expensive doesn’t mean they are comfortable and cosy. Find out about the features, material quality and durability of the mattress products. Reading customer testimonials will help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Some Tips:

  • Make sure there will be enough space to move around in the bedroom
  • Consider the number of people sleeping on mattress
  • Measure the door and hallway
  • Review the mattress price and features

If you are looking for a mattress sale onlinechoose Chiro Care Mattresses. You will get to discover a wide range of bedding solutions customised to your requirements. We offer a variety of mattresses made from the finest quality materials. To shop for our durable and long-lasting mattresses, visit our product page.

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