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Mattress in a Box

Looking for a mattress in a box in Melbourne?

We understand the importance of convenience and quality when it comes to your sleep. That's why we are excited to bring you our revolutionary Mattress in a Box collection. This innovative sleep solution combines comfort and practicality, offering you a premium mattress that's conveniently compressed, rolled, and delivered to your doorstep in a compact box.

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Single Mattress In A Box

Our Single Mattress in a Box is the perfect solution for those seeking a comfortable and space-saving sleep solution. Crafted with precision, this mattress offers the same superior quality and comfort as our traditional mattresses but with the added benefit of easy setup and delivery right to your door.

Double Mattress in a Box

Upgrade your sleep with our Double Mattress in a Box. It's designed to provide couples or individuals with the comfort and support they need for a restful night's sleep. Unroll, decompress, and enjoy the luxury of a Chiro Care mattress without the hassle of traditional delivery.

King Mattress in a Box

Our King Mattress in a Box offers spacious comfort and support. Experience the convenience of having a king-sized mattress compressed into a box for easy delivery. Unbox your mattress, let it expand, and enjoy the indulgent comfort it provides.

Queen Mattress in a Box

Indulge in the roomy comfort of our Queen Mattress in a Box. It's designed to offer you the luxury you deserve, conveniently delivered to your home. Unwrap, unroll, and experience the exceptional quality and support of a Chiro Care mattress.

King Single Mattress in a Box

Our King Single Mattress in a Box is perfect for teenagers or individuals who desire extra space. Experience the simplicity of receiving a high-quality mattress in a compact box, ready to expand and provide you with restful sleep.

Super King Mattress in a Box

For the ultimate in spacious comfort, our Super King Mattress in a Box delivers unmatched luxury. Enjoy the convenience of receiving a super king-sized mattress compressed into a box, with easy setup and delivery to your doorstep.

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Embrace the modern convenience of our Mattress in a Box range, and don't miss out on the other specialized mattress collections available at Chiro Care Mattresses: 

Explore our range to find the perfect mattress that aligns with your lifestyle and comfort preferences. 


What is a "Mattress in a Box"?

A "Mattress in a Box" is a mattress that has been compressed, vacuum-sealed, and packed into a conveniently sized box. This innovative packaging makes shipping and handling easier. Once you unbox and unwrap it, the mattress will expand to its full size, whether it's a single mattress in a box, queen mattress in a box, or any other size. 

How long does it take for the mattress to expand fully once unboxed?

Typically, our mattresses in a box, including sizes from single to super king mattress in a box, will take between 24 to 72 hours to fully expand. However, you can sleep on them within a few hours of unboxing. 

Will the compression process damage the mattress?

No, the compression process is designed specifically not to harm the mattress's integrity or comfort properties. The materials and manufacturing process we use for our Mattress in a Box ensure its durability and longevity. 

Why should I consider a "Mattress in a Box" over a traditional mattress?

Our Mattress in a Box offers the same high quality and comfort as traditional mattresses but with the added convenience of easy shipping, handling, and setup. It's especially beneficial if you're looking for an easy delivery option, for big sizes such as a king mattress in a box or queen mattress in a box to rooms where traditional mattress delivery could be challenging. 

Can I use my current bed frame with the "Mattress in a Box"?

Yes, our Mattress in a Box is designed to be compatible with most standard bed frames. Whether you have a slatted base, platform, or adjustable bed, our mattress should fit comfortably. 

Still have questions about our "Mattress in a Box"?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Chiro Care support team. We're here to ensure you have all the information needed for a restful night's sleep. Call us today or Send Us a Message to find out more about our Mattress in a Box collection. 

Remember, a good night's sleep is just a click away with Chiro Care Mattresses! 

Your comfort is our commitment.